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Gigi Wang

Gigi Wang is a Chinese American expatriate who relocated from New York City to Singapore in 2013. Her love for colorful, charming shophouses was immediate when she arrived.  Curious about their history and interior design, she quickly embraced the opportunity when it was presented to her to work with commercial shophouses shortly after becoming a Real Estate Agent. 


Many shophouses today have been preserved and repurposed, and they offer a fascinating glimpse into Singapore's rich history and culture.  Each shophouse has its own distinct character, with colorful facades, ornate details, and unique architectural features. From trendy cafes and bars to boutique shops and art galleries, shophouses have become hotspots for the city's vibrant cultural scene. To have the opportunity to specialize and focus on this niche, she has taken the time to build trusting relationships with Landlords, Management Companies, Buyers, and Sellers of commercial shophouses.

Welcome to the world of commercial shophouse real estate in Singapore, where the opportunities are as diverse and exciting as the beautiful city itself. As a licensed Real Estate Agent in this vibrant country, I am here to help you navigate the intricacies of this unique market and find the commercial property to suit your business needs.

Whether you are looking to rent, lease out, buy or sell a commercial shophouse, I have the expertise, resources and industry connections to deliver results. 


Get in touch today and let me help you unlock the potential of this exciting market. 


- Gigi Wang

CEA Reg. No. R063513A

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